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One of the most common questions that I’m asked is ‘how do I photograph waterfalls?’

Waterfalls do present themselves as a wonderful and challenging subject matter to photographers. Firstly they’re beautiful places, secondly they are often in tricky lighting situation and thirdly they’re a dynamic subject as they’re moving (and of course movement means a challenge but also a real opportunity for a more dynamic shot).

via Waterfall Digital Photography.

Watauga River Mill Dam | North Carolina Mountain Dreams

One of my favorite activities in the Appalachian Mountains is trying to capture the images of flowing water. Small streams, mill dams, river crossings…They all catch my lens. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. The fun my friends, is in the trying.

Clarks Creek, Valle Crucis

Whatever the image I see in my mind, trying to translate that to image I capture is where the magic happens.

Goose Creek, Floyd County

If you like trying to capture the magic, head on over to Digital Photography School and check out the tips…

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